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Case Scenario lets you get a jump on the 2013 Pantone Universe Color of the Year


All you fans of Pantone 17-5641 (aka "Emerald") should be happy -- that particular color has been selected as the Pantone Universe color of the year for 2013. Case Scenario, an accessory manufacturer, is celebrating with the release of their US$35 2013 Color of the Year Pantone Universe iPhone Case (there's a mouthful!).

The case faithfully reproduces Pantone 17-5641 while protecting your iPhone 5, so you can use it to color match your hair, nails, car, house paint, clothing and tattoos to the 2013 Color of the Year. You'll be able to pick up the case at Bloomingdales and Urban Outfitters.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to dye my cat Pantone 17-5641.

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