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Minecraft XBLA reaches 'The End' in Title Update 8, Update 7 incoming


"The End" of Minecraft, which involves battling a giant Ender Dragon in a barren, vast void, is coming to the game's XBLA version in Title Update 8, Play XBLA reveals. Title Update 7 is next on the list, and it will bring most of the features from PC version 1.0.1, including animal breeding, potion brewing, experience points, enchantment tables, the mushroom biome and nether fortress.

XBLA developer 4J Studios handed out a few extra details on Twitter, noting that leveling up takes 30 experience points, rather than 50 as in the PC version, and XP is earned by mining, smelting and breeding. Ender Pearls will teleport and can be thrown in creative mode. Title Update 7 will not include ocelots, jungles, spawn eggs or Iron Golems.

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