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Pixntell lets you create narrated slideshows on your iOS device

Mel Martin

This might be something nice to present those holiday photos to friends and family. Pixntell is a free universal app from Focustrain that lets you take images from your Photoroll and create a slideshow you can narrate.

Here's how it works. Open the app, choose the photos to use, arrange them in any order you would like, then record your narration as you swipe through the photos. Your swipe timing is what determines when the images change. Then email your masterpiece or upload to Facebook or YouTube.

A couple of things you should know. You're limited to five pictures, which might be enough for some people, but many will want more. The full version lets you use an unlimited number of photos in a slideshow and is a US$0.99 in-app upgrade. An upcoming Pro version lets you add text.

The free app worked well enough, but I'd like to see titles, transitions and the ability to add background music. I'd be happy to pay a reasonable amount for those added features. We looked at a similar app last summer called SonicPics that sells for $2.99.

As it is, Pixntell is an easy and free way to share some holiday cheer. Images are heavily compressed so they aren't going to look great on a high-resolution screen. It's all designed to send the slideshow quickly over a 3G connection. The upcoming Pro version will have better image quality.

The app requires iOS 4.3 or later and runs at full scale on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is not yet optimized for the larger screen of the iPhone 5.

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