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Space Hulk game announced for iOS


I personally know about the board game Space Hulk through the recent Fantasy Flight-released card game, but the title's been around for more than 20 years now. Set in the very popular (and very cool) Warhammer 40k universe, the game is all about a group of Space Marines making their way turn-by-turn through an abandoned huge vessel, or a space hulk (nothing to do, at all, with the Marvel superhero), and fighting bad guys named "genestealers" along the way.

Now, a developer named Full Control has announced a new video game version of the title, set to arrive on PC, Mac and iOS next year. The game's being produced with Games Workshop's blessing and will feature turn-based strategy gameplay as you guide the Space Marines through the dangerous ship. There's a singleplayer game to play, as well as multiplayer co-op online. Full Control is also planning a level editor, so players can make their own content as well.

The game sounds great -- there's a teaser trailer, but it's not much besides a Space Marine model trying to look as threatening as possible. We'll keep an eye on this one (and that other Warhammer game coming to iOS) as it moves closer to release.

[via 148Apps]

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