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Angry Birds turns 3: still exists, is popular


Here at TUAW central, the third anniversary of Angry Birds caught our attention. These delightful scamps -- bird and pig -- have now been with us for the average lifespan of the mosquitofish. Admittedly, the now-elderly pigs are increasingly taking fiber supplements in addition to seeking counseling for high stress working conditions and ornithophobia.

If your need for all things Angry and Birds cannot be sated by an ever-growing range of spinoffs (latest titles include Angry Bird Accountancy and Angry Bird Oral Hygiene, while fighting off the inevitable onslaught from competitors Angry Daleks, Borg Birds and Mildly Dyspeptic Angelfish), rejoice. Developer Rovio has announced John Cohen, of Despicable Me fame, will produce an Ancient Birds Angry Birds movie. David Maisel of Iron Man will produce.

The dramatic tension between pigs and birds? Well, we're just waiting for the Academy Award on this one.

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