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Breakfast Topic: The best old raid

Adam Holisky

Running old raids is becoming a sport of sorts in WoW lately. With transmogrification coming in during the last expansion, and then the ease of soloing them that's come about this expansion, there's more reason then ever to set foot back in your old favorite stomping ground.

To me the best old raid is split between Karazhan and the Black Temple. Both raids offer a ton of interesting fights, and the different zones of the raid really flow amazingly well together. In Kara you feel like you're traversing through a mad wizard's tower (something iconic in the fantasy world); and in the Black Temple you feel like you're making your way up to meet the lord of the world, and all this minions are destined to stop you.

In many ways Icecrown Citadel offers the same feeling as the Black Temple does -- it's clearly the final raid and the most important thing you need to do in the expansion. However I don't feel that all the bosses in ICC flow and fit well together. Their purpose, at times, feels a bit disjointed. It's still a wonderful set of encounters (and individually, I feel some of WoW's strongest encounter design), but to me... personally? It just isn't my favorite.

What's the best old raid for you guys? Where do you go and just get all excited again over how awesome the place it?

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