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Foxconn automates workforce prior to US expansion


Foxconn spokesperson Louis Woo told The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that Foxconn will automate its assembly factories with "the best robots in the business" as a supplement to human labor. During a recent shareholders meeting, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou noted that automated workers will perform many of the "monotonous, repetitive tasks" that are currently handled by low-paid employees.

Automation lowers assembly costs, and Computer World's Patrick Thibodeau recently theorized that Apple's US-based Mac manufacturing would be a "robot city," citing clips in promotional videos and a conversation with Larry Sweet, the CTO of Symbotic, as evidence.

Additionally, Foxconn announced plans to expand its operations to the US just last week. A plant on American soil would certainly eliminate supply chain issues.

As long as Foxconn's new robotic employees aren't stamped "Greystone Industries," we should be good.

[Via The Verge]

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