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Instagram updated with new filters, camera design

Instagram has updated its wildly popular iOS app with a slew of improvements. Most noticeably the 3.2 update includes three primary enhancements: a camera redesign, a new "Willow" filter and improved tilt-shift.

The camera redesign features an Instagram-themed shutter and shutter release button. It also adds the option for displaying a "Rule of Thirds" grid overlay to help users compose shots. Additionally there are numerous enhancements to the Camera Roll, including an improved image selector (iPhone 5 only). Users can now see a preview of their most recent photo in the Camera Roll.

The new "Willow" filter is "a monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border" according to the company. Instagram says it works best with portrait, still life and architecture shots.

The tilt-shift enhancements include a totally new algorithm that generates the tilt-shift. This new algorithm allows users to get the same blur in their final image that they see in the preview window. Previously the final image was different than the previewed tilt-shift. The new algorithm also gives more realistic depth of field rendering.

Other enhancements include a redesigned News Feed, a new welcome screen, infinite scroll on grid views and a new album in the iOS camera roll called "Instagram" that saves Instagram-filtered photos.

Instagram 3.2 is a free download.

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