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Last Week in WoW: Brace yourself, a long downtime is coming


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. This week continues the trend of last week. While there is no earth-shattering news, per se, there's a steady stream of cool stuff to read and discuss, from great patch 5.1 guides, to even more tidbits of intriguing patch 5.2 news. Could we be seeing a preview or a PTR soon? It seems possible, but it could just be wishful thinking, too.

In addition, the devs have been hitting the interview circuit, so there's a lot of great patch 5.1 stuff straight from the horse's mouth. Downtime today starts at 1 a.m. PST and is expected to last for 10 hours, so you will have plenty of time to catch up. Keep reading for all the latest, and keep a browser window tuned here for even more stuff throughout the day.

Hot news and features
  • Check out the latest patch 5.1 hotfixes for December 5.
  • Check out the official patch notes for patch 5.1.0a.
  • We recently sat down with Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton and Lead Quest Designer Dave Kosak to talk about patch 5.1.
  • We weren't the only WoW site to get a crack at talking with the devs. Check out this roundup for more interviews.
  • The Cinder Kitten is now available on the Blizzard Pet Store. Remember, all purchases of this pet from now until Dec. 31 will be donated in full to Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.
  • We crowdsourced some great Mists of Pandaria tips from you, our readers.
  • Patch 5.1 allows you to shapeshift into a baby panda.

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