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Xbox Live adding SkyDrive, CNET, Maxim, Karaoke apps in US today


A throng of new apps are coming to Xbox 360s worldwide, so if you've been feeling like your dash needs more squares with logos in them then today won't disappoint. Today sees the US launch of Maxim and CNET apps, with the latter also coming to Canada, while Karaoke and SkyDrive apps roll out worldwide (excluding Japan and United Arab Emirates for Karaoke).

As shown above, SkyDrive lets you view pictures and videos stored on your Microsoft cloud, allowing Jenny to guffaw at memories of her sister's apparently hilarious wedding dress by watching the recording on her TV. Aww.

Other Xbox 360 apps cropping up across the globe today include VEVO expanding to Spain, Italy, and France, and CinemaNow hopping over to Canada. Xbox spokesoldier Major Nelson also detailed a list of over 40 apps coming to various regions before spring 2013, including MTV, PBS, Flixster, and Vimeo apps for the US.

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