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Apple, others urge Congress to make more radio spectrum available


A number of technology companies sent a missive to top lawmakers in Washington, DC, yesterday, urging that they authorize freeing up additional radio frequency spectrum for mobile devices.

The letter was signed by Apple, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Cicso, Ericsson and Research In Motion. The companies feel that the feds could auction off some of the spectrum that's currently used by government agencies. By doing so, the companies would gain valuable spectrum for mobile data and the US government would gain some much-needed revenue in return.

The companies noted in their letter that, "Now is the time to ensure the incentive auctions are as robust and successful as possible at liberating spectrum. We should also turn our collective attention on ways to reap the economic benefits of underutilized federal spectrum assets."

To open up the spectrum used by government users, the combined companies suggested that federal users should be incentivized to "become more efficient, to share with one another, to vacate or to lease their spectrum."

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