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Buy every North American SNES game for $25,000


If you want to play every single North American SNES release ever – and display them in their original boxes when not playing – now is your chance. A collector called "Byuu" is selling a complete set of 721 Super Nintendo games on eBay, for just $24,999. That comes out to $34.67 per game overall, but it's worth noting that the rarer games are worth much, much more than that (Demon's Crest, for example, is up for $150 complete), and boxed copies of any game command higher prices than loose cartridges.

In addition to the games and boxes, the set includes 605 manuals, plus duplicate games, boxes, and manuals for some. Such careful, expensive, obsessive work was done in the name of preservation: Byuu is the developer of the Bsnes emulator, and the cartridges were dumped from the collection to obtain clean copies of all the games, in order to make the emulator work as close to perfectly as possible. "I will be using 100% of the profits from this sale to do the same for the European and Japanese sets next," Byuu said on Reddit.

Byuu is getting offers ranging from one penny to $20,000, but no one has bid the full price yet, Byuu told Polygon.
"If I cannot get $20,000 I will not fully recoup my own investment, and I can't afford to lose money," Byuu said. "I will most likely wait indefinitely. The SNES game prices have continued to rise steadily over the past several years. It will eventually sell, I am confident in that."

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