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FCC gives Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE edition the nod, US LTE not included


South Koreans were given preferential treatment again last month, as Samsung released the LTE variant of the Galaxy Note 10.1 in its native land. It looks like this period of exclusive access will soon end, however, as the 4G-equipped version of the slate has dropped by the FCC to pick up a round of approvals. Codenamed SHV-E230S and showing a global (read: non-US) LTE logo on the back panel, the US regulator cleared WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM and WCDMA (3G) connectivity options. Given the absence of US LTE radios and the non-US model number, it's quite likely that this is just another variant of the Korean version. Unfortunately, this means there isn't much time for it to launch stateside if it wants a spot under indoor evergreens, so don't get those hopes up.

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