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WoW Insider's annual 12 Days of Winter Veil coming soon!

Alex Ziebart

Beginning December 20, WoW Insider is once again holding its annual 12 Days of Winter Veil giveaway bonanza. Each day, we'll be giving away a piece of swag on the site, either from the stash of swag we've accrued over the course of 2012, or from participating vendors such as Cryptozoic and

All contests will follow our standard giveaway rules. In brief, you enter each contest by leaving a comment on the individual contest posts. We will choose winners at random from those comments. To be eligible to win, you must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the United States or Canada (minus Quebec).

We will be giving away less swag this year than we have previous years, but we assure you it isn't due to a lack of it -- rather, previous years have taught us that more isn't better. When we were doing 2-3 giveaways per day, the contest posts effectively became spam, and the logistics of distributing nearly 100 total prizes was somewhat overwhelming for all involved. This year, we'll be giving away one awesome item per day, and anything we have left over will be distributed more evenly over the course 2013. This will ensure that not only will you receive your winnings more quickly and efficiently, but you'll have something to look forward to throughout the coming year.

Get excited, ladies and gentlemen -- your first opportunity to win some neat swag is just a week away. Best of luck to everyone looking to enter!

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