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A&E debuts video streaming app for iPad, gives reason to be happy, happy, happy

Zachary Lutz

Whether you're into rooting for Jarrod and Brandi as they pillage storage units or you prefer gaping as the Robertson clan battles pesky beavers on their land, we've a good feeling that you'll dig A&E's new video streaming app for the iPad. Like the network's website, the app provides access to full episodes and exclusive clips from Storage Wars, Duck Dynasty, The First 48 and many other popular shows. For the moment, Comcast subscribers will find access to even more content, but A&E plans to spread its love to others the near future. Sadly, AirPlay compatibility is nowhere to be found in this version, but A&E promises that it's in the pipeline. Oh yeah, you heard that right: it's on like Donkey Kong!

Update: Oh, and if that wasn't enough, you'll now find streaming apps for The History Channel and Lifetime, too. We've linked 'em up for your convenience.

[Thanks, Chris]

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