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Middle Manager of Justice actioned for free acquisition, for reals this time


Middle Manager of Justice is now available in the US for free, and this time it's the real deal. An incomplete version of Double Fine's iOS game accidentally slipped onto the App Store back in September, with the developer taking advantage of the gaffe by turning it into an impromptu beta test. However, this morning's launch is 100 percent deliberate.

As Touch Arcade reports, this time a more careful approach saw the strategy sim first arrive on the Canadian App Store last week. It seems like our friends in the Great White North are getting a few things ahead of everyone else these days.

As for the game itself, it sits somewhere between the worlds of Dilbert and The Incredibles. Taking on the position of middle manager at Justice Corp's newest branch, you'll have to keep a team of superheroes in check by organizing training, requisitioning facilities, and upgrading equipment, all while maintaining a superheroic level of efficiency.

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