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Red Orchestra 2 celebrates Fall 2012 content pack with free Steam weekend


The World War 2-themed shooter Red Orchestra 2 is having a free weekend on Steam and double XP special until Sunday at 4pm EST. The free Steam Weekend includes all of the game's content from the 'Game of the Year' edition along with the new Red Orchestra 2 'Fall 2012 content pack,' which features a fresh map and a number of updates.

Double XP bonuses are available to all players – whether they already own Red Orchestra 2, or participating in the free weekend. If you decide to add the game to your library, Red Orchestra 2 will be available for 75% off until Monday. Just think, 70 years ago this month, Russian soldiers were fighting for their lives in the freezing winter cold, and now you, with that hot chocolate and those footie pajamas, can have a fun afternoon pretending to do the same for free.

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Red Orchestra 2 Free Weekend, New Content, Double XP and 75% off!
13 December 2012, Roswell, GA

Everyone will get to play Red Orchestra 2 multi-player completely free on Steam from today through Monday 17 December, to celebrate the release of the Fall 2012 Content Pack. Now you can try the game, plus all the content added in the Game of the Year and Fall 2012 Content Packs, which are completely free to everyone who owns the game. Not only is the game free this weekend, but if you decide to pick it up before Monday we're selling it at 75% off! There is also a trailer ( to showcase the new content added in the free Fall 2012 Content Pack including the new map Barashka.

In case you've forgotten the Fall 2012 Content Pack is, of course, free to everyone who already owns the game and includes:
Barashka, the new map, which is a re-imagining and re-working of an old favorite from the original Red Orchestra. This brings in combined arms combat, villages, bridges and a river crossing to fight for. The map features both Territory and Countdown game modes.
Simplified and improved match flow and user interface for the Countdown game mode, which will make it much simpler to understand, making for much more instant and direct battles. Just to encourage everyone to try out the changes, we'll be issuing Double XP towards your Honor from today in Countdown mode!
Of course, there are a host of other updates to the game. These include requests from the community, such as walk while actively firing machine guns from the hip; increased stamina pool in Classic; chat system refinements and more.

So don't miss out, the free weekend is on now! Grab the game from Steam ( and don't forget and tell your friends.

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