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Steam launches 'Game Guides' as part of Steam Community beta

Jordan Mallory

Steam's user-generated content network/hub Steam Community has received a new feature that allows members to create and publish their own guides for Steam games. After joining the Steam Community Beta, users can utilize the Guide system's creation functionality to craft stuff like Alden's Overly Simple Portal 2 Puzzle Creator Guide.

Steam's guide creation tools allow users to inject photos and videos from their Steam Cloud into their guides, as well as embed YouTube videos. Additionally, other Steam users can be given read/write access in order to aid in a Guide's construction. They could also aid in the Guide's destruction, we suppose, but that's on you for inviting trolls into the fold. We recommend a battery of background checks and drug tests before allowing any acquaintances, online or off, access to your VVVVVV Space Station 1 Speed Run No Deaths How To Guide™.

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