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Amazon puts The Secret World on half-off sale

There has literally (literally!) never been a better time to pick up The Secret World if you're kind of on the fence about it. The game went subscriptionless a few days ago, making it a one-time investment of $29.99 for total access to existing content. To top that, Amazon just put the game on sale for $15.00. You'll still have the choice to upgrade to a renewing membership or to deal out some cash at a later point for future DLC, but you can get the game in its entirety for $15 right now.

Not sure if TSW is really your thing? You can check out our regular column devoted to the game (especially the most recent installment) and see if you can get a feel for it. If different perspectives are kind of your thing, you could play compare and contrast with the reasons why Justin, Matt, and MJ all play TSW.

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