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Breakfast Topic: I get bored

Matthew Rossi

I've talked a lot about transmogrification and why I love it, but one of the reasons I haven't discussed as much is that I get bored with my character's appearance. Transmog lets me work around that. Tired of looking like a spiky pincushion? I slap on my Tier 2 and go landshark, or I recreate the silliest yet game accurate look possible. People still don't believe me when I say we actually raided in that stuff.

I've actually sprung for a race change on a few occasions for exactly the same reason. I get bored! It's not that I don't like the race I'm playing, but after a few months of playing it, I really start to want to see something different. It's funny because I don't get bored of the gameplay nearly so easily as I do the aesthetics -- I can play warriors all day, but I get tired of how the warrior swings a sword or stands at the ready, and a race change fixes that up for a few months.

So, what bores you about your characters? Do you get bored of your class and need to go play an alt, get bored of your look and hunt down a new mog, get bored of your role and switch from DPS to tank or heals? How do you cope with boredom?

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