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Dropbox for iOS updated to version 2.0 with all-new design


Dropbox is our filesharing workhorse of choice around these parts, and the company has just updated its iOS app (for iPhone and iPad, of course) to version 2.0. The update is a big one, featuring an all-new (and "shiny," according to the release notes) design, as well as a new Photos tab, for organizing and updating your photos.

Dropbox has been working on the photos functionality of the service on iOS for a while now -- even before this, you could set up your mobile photos to automatically sync and share across the service, so this tab shows that the company believes photo sharing is even more important. Plus, the new design looks great. Just like the old design, it stays out of your way and just lets you have access to your most important files, but there are a few colorful touches that make the experience better.

The app is of course free on the App Store, and Dropbox's core service is free to use, with more storage and options available for a fee. Dropbox is a great app and a great service, and version 2.0 makes the iOS experience that much better.

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