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Elite: Dangerous dev diary talks about plans for development

Elite: Dangerous is about halfway to its Kickstarter goal with 21 days left, and it's indubitably time for another dev diary! Frontier Developments founder David Braben took to YouTube to talk about the long-term development plan for Elite: Dangerous.

The team has a handful of goals for the game. These aren't features that will be making it in for launch but instead are are being planned for now so that they integrate seamlessly and enhance the play experience. For example, landing on planets will eventually be a possibility, but not until those planets are stocked with flora, fauna, and sprawling cityscapes. There are also plans for players to experience the ships' interiors, to see incoming fire and lost cargo from the perspective of the ship's crew.

Skip below the cut to let Braben speak for himself.

[Thanks to intrepid explorer Mattias for the tip!]

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