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Forza Horizon Rally expansion drifts onto XBL next week

Jordan Mallory

As Vin Diesel and Bow Wow taught us in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, drifting is the coolest possible way to travel from Point A to Point B, regardless of situation, circumstance or the amount of neon lights underneath your car.

We bring this up because Forza Horizon's latest bundle of DLC is a rally racing expansion pack, available next Tuesday, December 18, for 1,600 MS Points. The "Rally" expansion includes five new rally-purposed cars, new stages, new online multiplayer events and even co-driver announcements, so you can keep your damn eyes on the road you lunatic.

Anyone who purchased Horizon's $50 Season Pass will get the Rally expansion for free, along with an exclusive 2003 Ford Focus SVT. Under any other circumstances, a 10-year-old Ford Focus isn't really what we'd call a "motivating incentive."

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