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Guild Wars 2 trailer spotted in The Hobbit previews [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

If you are just now crawling out of bed to check on your favorite MMO news, chances are you attended a midnight showing of the newly released The Hobbit movie (I know I did!). And if so, then you might remember a slightly surprising trailer mixed among all the other movie previews: an MMORPG! However, it isn't the Tolkein tie-in you might expect (i.e., Lord of the Rings Online); instead, moviegoers packing the theaters to immerse themselves in more Middle-earth will see a massive advertisement for none other than Guild Wars 2 splashed across the screen. Talk about reaching a wide audience!

While some Massively staff noted that the trailer was not available before their non-3-D version of the film, others (including yours truly) can confirm it was definitely shown. Could the trailer be region-based, or is it perhaps only shown in 3-D? All you Hobbit watchers out there, let us know if you saw the trailer in the poll below. And for those who didn't have the chance to see it, you can catch it after the break!%Poll-79532%[Updated with official theatrical trailer]

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