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'MokMok' turns monsters into music


Perhaps drawing inspiration from the Gyroids in Animal Crossing, 2Beats' MokMok is a world filled with creatures whose every action makes music. The PC/Mac/Linux indie is inhabited by "living musical instruments" called Moks, each of which makes a different sound – therefore creating a new composition whenever many of them are in the same place.

Players can collect these musical creatures as they explore the 3D environment, interacting with them to change their individual sounds (by making them angry, etc.) or rearranging them to make new compositions. Players will be able to meet online and jam together in 16-player groups, as well.

Samim Winiger, creative director of developer 2Beats Studios told Joystiq "You could say it's a distant cousin of recent indie hit Journey mixed with a bit of LittleBigPlanet," a comparison that makes sense given the combination of atmosphere and creation. MokMok is "coming soon."

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