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Rayman Jungle Run grabs App Store GOTY award


Accomplished auto-run platformer Rayman Jungle Run is the App Store Game of the Year 2012. Ubisoft's iOS evolution of Rayman Origins, which received 10 free bonus levels earlier this month, pipped word game Letterpress to the award.

On the iPad-specific front, Fireproof's 3D puzzler The Room came away with the main prize. The runner-up spot went to IGF finalist and Joystiq favorite Waking Mars.

There are at least a few pairs of raised Joystiq eyebrows at Super Hexagon being omitted, but Terry Cavanagh's twitch game did at least pick up the Runner-Up award from the App Store's UK branch. To celebrate, Cavanagh slashed 66 percent off the game's price, making it available for a limited time at a bargainous $0.99.

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