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Unknown Bluetooth Matias keyboard pops up at the FCC, is probably the quiet type


We're always keen to peek at Matias peripherals when it's got new ones to share, but this time the introduction comes via the FCC, which appears to have tested and deconstructed an as-yet unannounced keyboard. This reduced model lacks a numpad -- apart from the page up and down keys -- and if the color scheme and command / option keys weren't clear enough hints, the draft user manual within the filing confirms it's meant for Macs. While it connects via Bluetooth, there's a trio of USB ports around the top edge for plugging in a mouse, charging the internal battery, or juicing other hardware. Matias' Quiet Pro mechanical offering bears the model number FK302Q, so we have good reason to assume this new keyboard is a mini variant, given it's known as the FK303QBT in the FCC's docs (Q for Quiet, BT for Bluetooth). As it's been OK'd by the US regulators, we expect an official reveal of the keyboard, alongside a PC-targeted sibling, pretty soon.

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