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Tale of Tales' Bientôt l'été launches on PC


Tale of Tales is known for developing obscure, sometimes creepy games such as The Path and The Graveyard. Its latest game, Bientôt l'été fits with the developer's track record, though it appears to be much more subdued and thoughtful in its tone compared to the aforementioned games. From what we gather, players walk around a beach while gathering chess pieces and phrases to make use of in the nearby café. It appears there's even a button for closing your player's eyes in the game, which leads to some interesting visual effects that are apparently more mechanical in nature.

Bientôt l'été is now available for PC and Mac for $10, with an "Extravagant" version available for $40 that includes the game's soundtrack and an eventual "special build" with higher res textures and uncompressed sound.

Tale of Tales drew inspiration for the game from novels by Marguerite Duras, specifically Moderato Cantabile, which provides the basic setting for Bientôt l'été: "a man and a woman meet in a seaside café." As for everything else going on in the trailer, we're as lost as you likely are.

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