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Walmart offering iPhone 5 for $127, 4S for $47, iPad for $399


If you're planning on picking up some Apple goodies for your loved ones this holiday season but haven't yet done so, Walmart may be your new best friend. As 9to5Mac reports, the retail chain is offering some pretty hefty in-store discounts on several brand new gadgets starting today. The full list of deals reads as follows:

  • 16GB iPhone 5 - $179 (with new two-year contract)
  • 16GB iPhone 4S - $47 (with new two-year contract)
  • 16GB iPad (newest version) - $399 (plus a $30 iTunes gift card starting December 17)

Target stores are also jumping on the iPhone discount bandwagon, but in a slightly different way. The retailer will offer Virgin Mobile's prepaid 16GB iPhone 4S for $399 (down from $449) starting on December 16 at Target Mobile stores.

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