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Breakfast Topic: Does it bug you when others watch you play WoW?


Does it bug you when other people watch you play WoW? At our house, kids grow up using a computer in an open family area. Keeping an eye on what they're doing and who they're doing it with is a natural part of walking from one room to another. My son took this in stride; to this day, he narrates and comments on whatever he's doing, even yelling downstairs (now that's he's over 18 with a computer of his own in his room) when something's funny or surprising. My daughter, on the other hand, is more protective of her privacy. She adores showing off her progress and creations, but only when she's ready -- and you'd better brace for a prize-winning scowl if you should approach before then.

In this day of streaming game sessions, many players are perfectly content to let perfect strangers watch their every in-game move. The horror! I can't imagine enjoying that. Streaming for charity? Negator. Streaming a new character? No, thanks! Immersion is more my style. Unless I'm on TeamSpeak with rest of the gang, I want to sink into the sights and sounds of the zone -- on my own.

Do you have your own private retreat for playing WoW, or do you play in a shared space? Does it make you uncomfortable when other people watch you play WoW? Does it bug you to have to turn your attention outward and talk to people outside of the game when you're trying to play, or do you chatter freely with everyone around you, both in game and out?

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