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Latest Mew-Genics teaser collects trinkets with 'magic properties'


Team Meat recently released some new pieces of information about its current project, Mew-Genics. The game includes a trinket display case for all the "stuff" that players acquire, which sometimes "appear imbued with magic properties that change space and time."

Collectable trinkets include food, vomit, kittens, mail and petrified poop. The petrified poop shown in the picture "slightly lowers damage taken," so at least we can assume that this game about cats (many cats) includes some kind of health and damage system. Of course, the petrified poop seen here also lowers the "poop rate" of all cats, so there are apparently some other gameplay elements happening here. There are 105 trinket types in Mew-Genics, each with semi randomly-generated properties.

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