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Get down with Dr. Dre's Beats Pill (and take business calls too!)

'Tis the time of the year to get funky at Christmas parties you'll regret having gone to the next day. And who better to get funky with than Dr. Dre? Well, not the real Dr. Dre, but one of his speakers from his line of audio products. The Dr. Dre Beats Pill is an apt little Bluetooth speaker system that makes you music sound good -- and it's a good business write-off as it also functions as a speaker conference calling system.

Using Bluetooth, pair any iPhone or Android phone directly to the speaker system. Since it's using Bluetooth, your phone needs to be within 30 feet of the speaker, but that's not a problem for most as we usually have our phones on us all the time. The Pill pumped out sounds that were better than most other portable speaker systems I've tried and the bass was particularly rich.

The pill-shaped Pill is a relatively tiny speaker. It's only 19 cm long and 4.5 cm high. On the bottom is rubber girding so it stays in place even when pumping out loud bass. On the back you'll find an audio in and out port, and a USB 2.0 port that you use to plug the device into the provided AC power adapter.

But the best thing about the Pill is its dual ability to function as a conference call speaker. If you get a call while your iPhone is paired to the Pill, simply press the "B" button on the front of the speaker to pause your tunes and take the call.

The Dr. Dre Beats Pill is US$199 and available in Apple stores, Amazon, Best Buy, HMV and more.

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