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LotRO Update 9 launches today, Yule Festival begins [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

Over the past week, you've heard about the upcoming features in Lord of the Rings Online's next update, including three new level-scaling three-man instances and a travel to quest-giver feature. Today, you can experience them for yourself! Update 9 is now live, offering players these new features and more.

Besides some combat revisions and a graphical update to Bree-town and Archet, players will also find that open tapping and remote looting are available throughout all of Middle-earth, not just Rohan. Chests in the new instances will also reward loot to players independently of others in the group and based on their class. More changes include getting experience for using craft nodes and completing recipes and the ability to turn off XP gain. For more details, check out the official patch notes.

Along with the launch of the update, the annual Yule Festival has begun; denizens of Middle-earth can jump in and enjoy the usual festival activities. Once change players will note is that currencies from all the various festivals will now convert to a single currency to be used throughout all the different celebrations.

[Updated: The team has now released a dev diary about the festival.]

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