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US Cellular delivering Jelly Bean update to Samsung Galaxy S III on December 21st


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Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T all have already done it, and now it's US Cellular's turn to start distributing the Android 4.1 batch to its own variant of Samsung's Galaxy S III. According to the carrier, said Jelly Bean update is set to hit the flagship, TouchWiz-loaded handset this Friday, December 21st, carrying now-accustomed features such as Project Butter, Google Now and a slew of other enhancements to the camera app, notifications, widgets and, naturally, the overall user interface. US Cellular didn't give us a specific time as to when we can expect the goods, but it did say the update will be available over-the-air and via USB -- either way, you may want to bookmark that source link below, as more in-depth installation details are expected to show up there come Friday.

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