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YouTube launches Capture iOS app for smartphone shooting straight to the web (video)

Zach Honig

You might want to file this under the "why didn't we have this in 2010" category, but Google just announced a new app that'll let you fire off that smartphone camcorder and boot your videos straight to the YouTubes Curiously, the appropriately named YouTube Capture app is only available for iPhone and iPod touch at the moment -- an Android version is set to launch "in the future" -- and it should be hitting the App Store sometime today. You can shoot video directly from within the new tool, then add a caption, select to send links to Google+, Facebook or Twitter, and hit Share to upload it directly to YouTube. You can also select from private, unlisted or public sharing options, depending on your intended audience. That's about it -- a very straightforward addition to Google's app portfolio. You can see it in action just past the break.

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