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Design a weapon for Aion's new Bard class

MJ Guthrie

Immortalize yourself in Aion!

Previously, NCsoft gave players the chance to make their mark in Aion by designing a unique weapon for the Gunner class in the upcoming 4.0 update; now, it's the Bard's turn. So instead of guns, get those creative juices flowing for musically themed creations.

Like the previous run, players should note that it is not actually a contest -- no prizes will be awarded either inside game or out. However, if your submission is chosen, you will not only get official recognition that your artwork will be incorporated in game, but you will also be able to participate in the naming process of your weapon.

The non-contest is open to everyone and runs from now until January 3, 2013. To participate, designers need to submit an original work, either hand-drawn or computer-generated, along with an explanation of the concept and intent behind the design. For full details, read the official rules.

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