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EVE Online's holiday celebration trailer is all over the naughty list


If you woke up this morning thinking to yourself, "Will today be the day that I see the strangest MMO trailer of my entire life," then we're happy to let you know that yes, yes it is. CCP wasn't just content to slap together a humdrum video highlighting the cool EVE Online snowball-slash-fireworks launcher that it's giving out to players this season; it decided to dial the crazy up to 11 and film the resulting mayhem.

So once you hit the jump and watch this (and you will watch it), you'll be treated to such jolly activities such as Santa being incinerated, a charming fairy tale about a witch that eats kids, close-ups of a developer's slack jaw munching on masticated sausage, peeping toms, bleeped swears, and a snowball fight in space.

Really, we have no words to sum it up. We best just give it to you and let you be the judge.

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