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Massively Exclusive: Blacklight: Retribution shows off the end of the world, part 2

Eliot Lefebvre

Yesterday we previewed the trailer and the raw content information regarding Blacklight: Retribution's upcoming patch, World's End. But what's the story behind the patch? For that, we turn to the first two parts of a six-part motion comic from the team behind the game at Perfect World Entertainment. The comic details some of what happened leading up to the events of the update... starting with a single man touching down on a hospital rooftop about ready to bleed out from injury.

From there, the first two chapters go on to establish some of what's at stake in the game's lore and what happened on the main character's disastrous mission. If you're curious, the videos are each only a couple of minutes long, a chance to get a little does of lore and an idea behind the setting. But what happens next? Check in tomorrow to see more.

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