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Scanner Mini from Readdle is a lightweight scanning app for your iOS device


Scanner Mini from Readdle is a lightweight scanner app for iOS users who want the ability to capture a receipt on the fly, but don't need extras like faxing and Dropbox syncing.

Similar to its bigger brother Scanner Pro, Scanner Mini lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a portable PDF scanner. You can scan a document using your iOS device's camera or pull an image in from the camera roll. A resizable box lets you crop the image manually or you can choose from a variety of presets for business cards, legal-sized documents, letters and more. A "Find Borders" button will let the app pick the borders for you.

Scanner Mini improves the resulting output by letting you choose whether the image is a color photo, a black and white document or a grayscale document. The "document" setting is great for black and white documents as it removes any off-white or yellow coloring. The resulting pure white background and black text makes the document look fake, however. If you don't like the look of the document option, you can choose the grayscale or photo setting and tweak the brightness and contrast to improve the appearance of your scan.

When you are done tweaking the image, you can add another photo to the scan or name it and save it to the Scanner Mini app. The app supports folders so you can organize your scans in a useful and meaningful way. You can also sort scans by name or date and find scans using the handy search feature.

Readdle is positioning Scanner Mini as a basic scanning app for iOS customers who want a scanner that is fast, easy and free. As a result, options for sharing scans are limited in Scanner Mini. Scans can be optionally backed up to iCloud or transferred over to your computer via a USB cable. There is no option to send a scan via email or upload it to a third-party service like Dropbox. To get those advanced features, you have to upgrade to the US$6.99 Scanner Pro.

Scanner Mini is available now for free from the iOS App Store.

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