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Breakfast Topic: The last one to notice


OK look, I'm just gonna shoot straight with you here: I'm not a tall person. Things that are up high? That's pretty much everything. Even in game, I tend to focus at character level when I'm in town -- so it's no wonder that until Saturday morning, I missed seeing that the doggone doorway of the alchemy shop in Dalaran is a giant, burbling flask. Wow, talk about obvious ... I guess I always focused on the people and the shops where I was headed. I'm not an alchemist, after all, so that area has always been simply "the vague area to the left of the mailbox with a blue doorway."

Make me feel better, WoW Insider Breakfasters. Tell me I'm not the only one who's missed seeing something really cool in the game that was right in front of (above?) my face. Is there something interesting that took you seemingly forever to notice somewhere in Azeroth you've been many a time?

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