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Next Wii U system update due late December, will improve software loading times (update: PR folks say 'no')


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The Wii U launch didn't go quite as smoothly as consumers would've liked, with a major update to sit through right after unboxing, and support for various video streaming services absent on day one. Well, head honcho at Nintendo Satoru Iwata has taken to YouTube and announced from his cream studio that the next system update is due late December. It's primarily being pushed out to improve the frustratingly slow software loading times on the new console -- an issue we highlighted in our review. Iwata only makes a fleeting appearance at the beginning of the video before it moves on to talking up the latest Dragon Quest iteration, but if you've got a decent knowledge of Japanese, the embed awaits you below.

Update: Nintendo's PR people have been in touch and we've had one of our bilingual editors take a look at the video. Unfortunately, something was lost in translation and our source was mistaken -- the update in question is for Dragon Quest X, not the Wii U system.

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