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    TUAW Bookshelf: Mac Kung Fu by Keir Thomas


    Mac Kung Fu by Keir Thomas, a collection of OS X tips and tricks, has entered its second edition. From Pragmatic Programmers, the new edition contains over a hundred more tips than the original version.

    Packed with fun customization tips, Mac Kung Fu shows you how to tweak your system to get the most out of OS X. Among its many other hints, you can learn how to find forgotten passwords, force scrollbars to appear, eject stuck CDs and DVDs, browse old Time Machine disks and lots, lots more.

    Mac Kung Fu combines all the kind of tweaks and tricks you normally find on sites like TUAW and Mac OS X Hints into a simple, easy-to-browse reference.

    The book itself can be a bit overwhelming if you try to sit down and read it, but it's terrific for scanning through when you have a moment here or there to pick up a new idea or a fresh technique. It's not really a solution book -- the chances are that when you have a problem, a quick Google search will work better. Instead, think of it as a volume of inspiration. You're sure to find something clever, amusing, and (best of all) useful by browsing its 400-odd pages of high-caffeine OS X utility content.

    The e-book retails for US$24, the paperback for $39, or buy both for $49. Recommended.

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