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Breakfast Topic: Dear Greatfather Winter...


Each year the people of Azeroth count their blessings, cross their daggers, tuck a shrunken head (or two) under their pillows, and wish upon a star that Greatfather Winter will bring them just what they've always wanted. It won't be long until colorfully wrapped presents appear under the trees in the great cities of Orgrimmar and Ironforge.
At this time of year, it's traditional to write letters to the generous Greatfather of Azeroth, asking for your heart's desire. Whether it's an in-game item, like a mount, or a weapon, a piece of armor, or a pet; or something in the real world, like a collector's edition, a novel, or a plushy wyvern, if you ask really nicely, Greatfather Winter might just shimmy down your chimney and leave a stocking just for you. So what would you ask for? Let me get this show on the road.

Dear Greatfather Winter, I've been ever so good this year, and I'd really, really like a monk jumper like Bashiok has. That's not a lot to ask. Sure, it's a real life item, but is that a big deal? And if it had to be an in-game item, I'd ask for a water strider mount. Unless, of course, we could ask for items not currently in game, in which case I'd ask for a rep tabard!

And if you're not willing to put your holiday faith into Greatfather Winter, there's always WoW Insider's 12 days of Winter Veil, that's going to be here before you know it, with a bounty of gifts to give away!

So tell us, and Greatfather Winter, what do you want for Winter Veil? Post your letter over at, too!

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