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Chunky Spelunky update eliminates unintended ordeals


A new title update for Spelunky on Xbox Live Arcade aims to eradicate the ignominious, agonizing fates caused by errant programming. This brings the brutal cave exploration game more in line with designer Derek Yu's vision, which is basically a die-o-rama of ignominious, agonizing fates caused by deliberate game design.

Spelunky should be more stable once the update is applied and cease its crashing ways when you exit a level with a too-high timer, or when you get crushed during the tutorial. It's also been granted the iron constitution to properly handle the sight of you being "eaten by a worm and killed by a ghost at the same time."

You'll also be delighted to hear that choosing "Ending Adventure" in the middle of an exit will no longer cause bags to pour out of you, it says here.

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