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Cycloramic spins your iPhone 5 by itself


Reader Jonathan H. just sent us word of a new app in the store called Cycloramic, and I just had to post about it right away because it's kind of blowing my mind. The app is available for US$0.99 right now, and it's meant only for the iPhone 5, because here's what it does: When the app is run and your iPhone is placed vertically on a flat, smooth surface (like glass or granite), the app will make your phone vibrate in such a way that it "spins" around slowly. You can see it working in the video below, although the video's soundtrack of course doesn't reveal the phone's vibration element grinding itself away.

I had to see this in action, so I downloaded the app for my iPhone 5, and sure enough, it works. The app will take a video, and you can set it to spin 360 degrees, or 720 or 1080 if you want a longer shot. I don't know exactly what the app would be used for, but it's a cool party trick, and what a crazy way of using the vibration function. If the iPhone 5 was built any differently, this would not work the way it does. But somebody out there discovered that when the iPhone 5 vibrates while standing up, it spins around at a steady rate, and thus you have Cycloramic.

More power to whoever that was -- I happily gave them my 99 cents, and it was worth it. I'm not sure if this is one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen or one of the most stupid, but as far as I can tell, it's going to work out well for them.

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