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Massively Exclusive: Blacklight: Retribution shows off the end of the world, part 5

Eliot Lefebvre

The adventure of the Blacklight team comes to an end today with the last motion comic setting the stage for Blacklight: Retribution's major patch World's End. And after facing no small number of enemy troops and zombified locals, the group finally arrives at its designated target to find something very different from what it had originally planned.

Remember, if there's one thing worse than failure, it's the success you never knew you didn't want.

This final video brings the story full circle and explains more of what's out there... but what happens next is up to the players -- unsurprisingly, since this is meant to provide backstory for a game and all. So if you've been following along for the last few installments, you'll want to catch the last one just past the break, and then probably load up your weapon and get to shooting in the game proper.

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