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Resident Evil 6 packs retro costumes for upcoming online events


Retro is the way to go when it comes to Resident Evil these days, and that includes new (old) costume DLC for Resident Evil 6, unlocked by participating in upcoming online events.

The first one, "Zombie Mayhem," is set to take place on December 28. If players across the world kill a collective 15 million zombies, they're eligible to unlock one costume from the set seen above. No word on which costume will be the first award, but future online events will be announced on the Resident Evil site, so perhaps a bookmark is in order.

Capcom has also added Resident Evil 6 to the Games on Demand section of Xbox Live Marketplace. The Xbox 360 download weighs in at 7.57GB and will set you back $39.99, the current price of Resident Evil 6 at retail.

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