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The Queue: I'm still here

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is fairly confident this will run tomorrow as scheduled.

This was originally going to be about how the end of the world didn't really happen. But instead I'd like to point out that Treasure Planet was supposed to be the ultimate movie. I mean, space pirates. Pirates in space. How can you mess that up? ... unfortunately, we found out. Not a bad movie, just terribly bland. I guess I'll watch Firefly again, because I think that's as close to space pirates as I'm gonna get.

In other news, well what do you know, patch 5.2 on the PTR soon? How about that!

And now, questions:

@sergel92 asked via Twitter:

Predictions for what Patch 5.2 will be about?

Oh you just opened a vault of unending ideas, Sergel. But I'll keep it brief!

The Thunder King is actually brought up a lot in the quest chain for the Golden Lotus, and also by the Zandalar during quests in Zouchin Village. Once upon a time, the Zandalar were allies of the mogu. The cataclysm apparently destroyed the homes of the trolls, so they returned to Pandaria to try and reforge that old alliance, figuring that the mogu could help them out.

So I expect we'll see voodoo rituals, trolls and mogu, living together, mass hysteria.

Or at the very least, the Thunder King will have a considerable interest not only in the pandaren that have thrived since his demise, but also the new allies the pandaren have working for them. And I suspect that Garrosh will be awfully interested in the Thunder King -- and in the Zandalar. And I doubt that will sit well with Vol'jin at all. Which, now that you mention it ... we've got a Vol'jin novel coming out pretty soon, don't we?

Food for thought.

the_DECk asked:

Are they ever going to do more with Moonglade, and add Troll & Worgen Druids to the place? The only time the place gets any real action is during the Lunar Festival. I'd like to see more here someday.

The likelihood is kind of slim. See, Moonglade is the home of the Cenarion Circle -- a druid organization that was originally formed by night elves thousands of years ago. It wasn't until recently that they allowed taurens to join the organization, and even though they were allowed, the tauren aren't exactly widely-accepted by everyone in the group. Troll and worgen druids are so very recent that they simply haven't had time to integrate nicely with the rest of the druids.

Not to mention the fact that worgen druids exist solely because of a night elf screw-up that caused the forming of the Cenarion Circle in the first place, and trolls and night elves are not best friends, and likely never will be. I wouldn't cross my fingers on a cross-racial Moonglade full of kitties holding hands -- er, paws -- anytime soon.

contreras.erik asked:

Q4Q : You think Blizz will ever allow old world seeds to be planted on our farm ?

For old world herbs and materials? I don't think so. Realistically, the only time you would really need those materials is if you were at the appropriate level to gather them -- and it's pretty easy to gather them as you level. There's just no need for Arthas' Tears when you're level 90 and hanging around in Pandaria.

Daniel asked:

Has the comment format been updated again? I like it!

Yes it has! I like it too. The font is much easier to read, and that annoying box that popped up whenever a new comment showed up is also gone. I shall not miss it!

@kremlincardinal asked via Twitter:

For the Queue: Lore-wise, would rogue/hunter abilities fall under a class of magic, or just special skills?

It's a little mix of the two, I think. Rogues are very much about skulking in the shadows and generally being adept at delivering quiet tidings of death unto the unsuspecting, and there's little magic involved with that -- but being able to disappear could be considered "magical," if you want to look at it that way. In the same fashion, hunters aren't really magic-users, but the way they assume the aspect of an animal and manipulate different types of traps seems a little magical at times, too.

Lore-wise, it hasn't really been defined either way.

@FlyDraenei asked via Twitter:

What are you most excited about for patch 5.2?

I am a total sucker for trolls. I always have been. And since doing all of the quests in Pandaria, I'm also kind of a sucker for mogu as well. So anything that involves both of those things is incredibly awesome and exciting to me!

drakenfyre commented:

I predict tomorrow whoever does the Queue will complain because there's so few questions, and most of the discussion is about alcohol.

You underestimate my ability to dig for questions, drakenfyre!

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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