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AppleScript Desktop Icon Race


Scripty Claus' gift to you this Holiday Season is a fun little AppleScript that lines up your Desktop icons and races them across the screen until one of them reaches the finish line.

Here's how to set it up...
Note: You can download the complete script here.
1. Launch AppleScript Editor in /Applications/Utilities.
2. Enter the code shown.
3. Run the script to start the fun.
When the script runs, it calculates how many icons are allowed in the race and lines the lucky contestants up along the left side of your screen. Any remaining icons are deemed spectators, and are lined up along the right side of your screen. The race begins and the contestants randomly race to the virtual finish line on the right side of the screen. The first one to reach the finish line is the winner. At the end of the race, your icons are moved back to their original locations.
Pre-race Desktop
AppleScript Desktop Icon Race
Starting the race
AppleScript Desktop Icon Race
A winner is announced!
Happy Holidays and Happy Scripting!

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