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Breakfast Topic: What's the longest you've put off completing something in game?


In a recent Queue, loyal reader Revynn observed, "So, I finished Tuskarmaggedon ... Yesterday. I still haven't finished Frenzyheart rep even though I played this character all through Wrath. What's the longest you've procrastinated on something in-game?" Anne Stickney, that day's Queuelumnist (yes, that's a word), admitted to having reached exalted reputation with Ogri'la only as Cataclysm wound to an end. "Did I mention how much I hate that rep grind?" she grumped. "I hate that rep grind."

I don't hate the thing that I've put off; it just keeps getting pushed back. Every time I get motivated enough to give Loremaster a run, the next expansion pushes into sight and I decide to wait. At this point, I'm aiming to cap the whole thing off with the Lorewalker achievement, but even though I could whip that part out in an hour or less, there's too much piled up ahead of it. I really do intend to take a level 90 back to the start and clear up every last storyline in every last zone, sequentially -- but it's going to have to wait on all this other Mists content first ...

What's the longest you've ever put off completing something in game that you have every intention of finishing? What motivates you to keep it on your bucket list, anyway?

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